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The year is 1860, and Viola Wellington is in desperate need of a change. With nothing left holding her to her childhood home in Kentucky, Viola makes the decision to move across the ocean to England with her late husband’s family in an attempt to start her life anew.

Little does she know how much change is actually in store for her when she makes the acquaintance of Harry Enslow, a war veteran struggling to make ends meet as a private investigator. Harry is convinced that he alone is on the trail of a band of criminals running rampant and unchecked in London…a theory not at all shared by police sergeant Miles Middleton, Harry’s old friend and confidant.

Is Harry imagining things? Or have he, Miles, and Viola stumbled upon a plot that could shake the country to its very core? The deeper he digs, the more unclear the answer becomes. one thing is certain: all three of their lives have become hopelessly intertwined, and the only way out is through.